Different Features Needed For Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack

An Anti-Theft Backpack is an important protective gear for all your belongings. Whenever you want to travel, anti-theft backpacks will be your first option to carry all your necessary things. Backpack acts as a protective gear not only for your personal valuables, but also for your personal information.

Features Needed For Your laptop Backpack:

There are different models of backpack available and, if you are looking for laptop backpack check models here. There are some features, when you want to buy an anti-theft backpack especially, to carry your laptop:

anti theft backpack for travelMaterial:

Look at the material of backpack, whether it is made of polyester along with PVC coating. The need of polyester material is that, they are water-resistant and keeps your laptop safe when there is chance of getting backpack wet. In addition to this, polyester material is clean to wash and clean which makes this material backpack great for daily commute purpose too. The backpack should also have a padded back panel to support your laptop.


Check for the number of pockets present inside and outside of your backpack. Inside the backpack, there are several pockets present and one of which specifically designed for your laptop. You will even carry laptop charger and look for separate pocket to place your charger. Additionally, external pockets are added advantage for you to place easily accessible items.


The important feature you must look into is size of your backpack. When you get backpack of smaller size, you can’t able to place your laptop in such a backpack. So, better check the size of your backpack whether it is capable of carrying your laptop inside of it. For example, pocket size of laptop you will get is around 15.6 inches.


Another feature is zipper type of your backpack. Check for the main compartment to be very roomy and you can able to fit a lot of items in it. Check whether the zipper closure and the pullers secured with a combination lock. The combination is 000 to 999, but you can change that to anything you like.anti-theft backpack with headphone & usb ports

Other Features:

Other cool features are USB charging port and headphone jack, and you can able to listen to music and charge your phone, but still check whether it will keep your phone safely tucked inside the locked, main compartment.

The above-mentioned features help you to buy an anti-theft backpack to carry your laptop safely.

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