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If you are a dog trainer or have good knowledge about dog training, then you can share your knowledge with our readers. Most of our readers are those who have a dog or are thinking of bringing a dog home. They visit our site to learn about dog training.

Different dogs have different attitudes and they must be handled differently. Your valuable advice or information can help our readers to train their dogs in the right manner.


You should write articles related to dog training. The articles must be original. The word limit of the article is 500 to 800 words. We encourage you to use colorful pictures with the article. The article must be informative. If you mention any statistics, you should include sources.

The article must be well structured with proper headings and subheadings. You should check for grammatical errors before submission. Our team will review your article. If needed you might have to edit your writing to meet our standards.

You will get well paid for each article being published. The article will remain in our archive for a long time. You should include a short author bio and a link to your site. This way you will get lots of traffic to your site as well.

We will ask you to promote your article on your social pages once it’s published. You will be responsible for responding to comments made by the readers. Please submit your article by email. Write to us for further inquiries.